Bali Round Trip Package

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sayan terrace

Experiencing the complete beauty of Bali is no longer involving unnecessary hustles and bustles. With Bali Round Trip Package, you can feel the real throbbing life of the island and its people, experience all excitements and wonders Bali has to offer, submerge completely in the exotic culture of Bali and enjoy the paradise.

Bali Round Trip Package is specially designed by our experienced staffs to encompass the best natural and cultural attractions Bali has to offer. With only 7 days and 6 nights you can get the best of Bali and still has plenty of time for your own free program of leisure and pleasure.


Tjampuhan Resort and Spa Ubud

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legendary since 1928

The classic Hotel Tjampuhan & Spa, built where two sacred rivers meet, has been legendary since 1928. As the first hotel in the artist colony of Ubud, this royal guest house graciously hosted celebrities and foreign painters such as Walter Spies.